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Community Projects

"Comfort women" of the Asia PAcific War

Unionville High School

Artwork created by Bianca

Project Code: UH-Art1

Bianca-Comfort Women-WIP.jpg

Hi everyone, this is Bianca Shen, a Grade 9 student from Unionville High School. I’m deeply honoured to introduce to you my project, “No More Tears to Cry,” addressing the topic of “comfort women”. This young girl under my depiction symbolizes the women and girls who suffered this atrocious event. Her every teardrop is as if it it announces the end of her beautiful youth. The golden Ginkgoes surrounding this girl represent tenacious hope and profound endurance. Even after experiencing countless times of tragedies, these grandmas remain hopeful for life and valiant for self.  This grandma in my drawing is brave, brave enough to look back because this time, she has no more tears to cry.


After half a century, the Japanese government insists that “comfort women” issues have been resolved with compensation, and brazenly denying the atrocities committed by the Japanese Army during World War 2 in Asia. This attitude of refusing to commit these atrocities against women, may explain how the Japanese society views women today. “Comfort women" issues are deeply connected to gender inequality, and the road to peace and reconciliation for these grandmas are still a long way to go. So I encourage you to take action - learning about their stories, sharing their stories and joining the organizations that support them are all a great first step to take. Thank you so much for your time.


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